Titanium Information

Titanium is an abundant element on earth it is grey and lustrous in appearance and extremely light weight and durable

It is because of these highly desirable properties that Titanium is an ideal metal for a broad spectrum of industrial uses, that in turn have led to the large rise in popularity of this metal. Because titanium is resistant to corrosion, physiologically inert and hypoallergenic it is also widely used in the field of medicine.

Another popular use for Titanium is within the aerospace industry where it is has been used in the making of space shuttles and jet fighters it is also used in many submarines, tanks and ships.
Because of the overall versatility of titanium, aircraft grade titanium has made its presence known within the jewellery industry in particular men’s rings because it is so much more durable than traditional jewellery metals such as silver and gold.
Titanium wedding bands have seen a huge increase in popularity and not only because of their strength and hypoallergenic properties but also the wide range of different looks that can be created giving it a uniqueness, which surpasses other metals. Titanium can be inlaid with precious metals such as silver gold and platinum. It can also be treated with heat to bring out a full spectrum of colours this has also made it popular in the making of women’s jewellery such as earrings and pendants.


Titanium jewellery will look good last you a lifetime and what’s more you can create the funky look you desire.









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